If this quiz is easy, your knowledge of Wycombe Wanderers is too good!

Wycombe Wanderers quiz

How well do you know Wycombe Wanderers? Test your knowledge in our Wycombe Wanderers Quiz!

This Wycombe Wanderers Quiz will test your memory of everything Wycombe Wanderers, ranging from historic moments to key transfers to legendary personnel.

The Wycombe Wanderers Quiz consists of ten multiple choice questions. The results will be revealed at the end of the quiz.

Wycombe Wanderers Quiz:

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    What year were Wycombe Wanderers formed?

    • 1881
    • 1887
    • 1892
    • 1899
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    What is Wycombe Wanderers nickname?

    • The Chairboys
    • The Seatboys
    • The Stoolboys
    • The Benchboys
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    Who scored a brace in the 1994 Football League Third Division play-off Final?

    • Simon Garner
    • Steve Thompson
    • Dave Carroll
    • Nicky Reid
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    Wycombe Wanderers defeated which Premier League team to progress to the 2000–01 FA Cup Semi Final?

    • Leicester City
    • Liverpool
    • Tottenham Hotspur
    • Arsenal
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    Who scored the winning goal in the 2020 EFL League One play-off Final?

    • Matt Bloomfield
    • Anthony Stewart
    • Joe Jacobson
    • Alex Samuel
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    TRUE or FALSE: Wycombe Wanderers have always played their home games at Adams Park?

    • True
    • False
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    Who made the most appearances for Wycombe Wanderers?

    • Matt Bloomfield
    • Tony Horseman
    • John Maskell
    • Dave Carroll
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    Wycombe Wanderers signed Adebayo Akinfenwa from which club?

    • Millwall
    • AFC Wimbledon
    • Gillingham
    • Northampton Town
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    Which of these players left Wycombe Wanderers to join a Premier League club?

    • Kadeem Harris
    • Nathan Tyson
    • Matt Phillips
    • Matt Ingram
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    Which of these players did Wycombe Wanderers receive the largest transfer fee for?

    • Jordan Ibe
    • Nathan Tyson
    • Roger Johnson
    • Matt Phillips