If this quiz is easy, your knowledge of Shrewsbury Town is too good!

Shrewsbury Town quiz

How well do you know Shrewsbury Town? Test your knowledge in our Shrewsbury Town Quiz!

This Shrewsbury Town Quiz will test your memory of everything Shrewsbury Town, ranging from historic moments to key transfers to legendary personnel.

The Shrewsbury Town Quiz consists of ten multiple choice questions. The results will be revealed at the end of the quiz.

Shrewsbury Town Quiz:

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    What year were Shrewsbury Town founded?

    • 1886
    • 1897
    • 1903
    • 1915
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    Shrewsbury Town won the 1978–79 Football League Third Division by how many points?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
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    Who was the top goalscorer in Shrewsbury Town’s 1993-94 Football League Third Division winning season?

    • Wayne Clarke
    • Joe Gallen
    • Dean Spink
    • Mark Smith
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    Who scored the winning penalty in the 2004 Football Conference play-off Final?

    • Luke Rodgers
    • Jake Sedgemore
    • Jamie Tolley
    • Trevor Challis
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    Who were Shrewsbury Town’s first ever shirt sponsors?

    • Wem Ales
    • Link 51
    • Davenports
    • Greenhous
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    Who are considered Shrewsbury Town’s main rivals?

    • Wolves
    • Walsall
    • AFC Telford United
    • Hereford United
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    Who made the most appearances for Shrewsbury Town?

    • Paul Edwards
    • Mickey Brown
    • Chic Bates
    • Mark Taylor
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    Which of these top-flight managers never played for Shrewsbury Town?

    • Gary Megson
    • David Moyes
    • Nigel Pearson
    • Henry Redknapp
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    Which of these players did Shrewsbury Town receive the largest transfer fee for?

    • Joe Hart
    • Grant Holt
    • Oliver Norburn
    • Ryan Woods
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    Which of these players did Shrewsbury Town spend the largest transfer fee on?

    • Josh Vela
    • Ömer Riza
    • Tyrone Barnett
    • Nathan Elder