Man City Quiz: Only true fans get more than 10 answers correct

man city quiz

Calling all Manchester City fans! Test your knowledge in this Man City quiz.

How well do you know your club? Only true fans get more than 10 answers correct in this Manchester City quiz.

This Man City quiz consists of 15 trivia questions covering the clubs history, memorable moments and iconic players. The answers will be revealed at the end.

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Man City Quiz:

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    In which year did Manchester City move from their old ground of Maine Road to the City of Manchester Stadium?

    • 2002
    • 2003
    • 2004
    • 2005
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    Who was the Manchester City skipper for the 05-06 season?

    • Sylvain Distin
    • Nicky Weaver
    • Jihai Sun
    • Hatem Trabelsi
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    In what year was Manchester City established?

    • 1878
    • 1880
    • 1885
    • 1887
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    Before becoming Manchester City, what was the club known as?

    • Ardwick F.C
    • Maine Road Rovers
    • Salford F.C
    • Manchester Royals
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    Who scored the 94th minute winning goal in Manchester City’s game against QPR in 2012?

    • Joleon Lescott
    • Sergio Aguero
    • Vincent Kompany
    • Mario Balotelli
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    Which former Manchester United player succeeded Sven-Goran Eriksson as Manchester City manager?

    • Eric Cantona
    • Mark Hughes
    • Steve Bruce
    • Paul Ince
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    Which of these players did Manchester City pay the highest transfer fee for?

    • Mario Balotelli
    • Rodri
    • Riyad Mahrez
    • John Stones
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    Pep Guardiola joined the club in 2016/17. Who did he lose his first pre-season friendly game against?

    • Manchester United
    • Real Betis
    • Lillie
    • Bayern Munich
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    Which guitar slinger supports Manchester City?

    • Angus Young
    • Jimmy Page
    • Noel Gallagher
    • Slash
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    Who was the Citizens kit sponsor in the 1996/97 season?

    • Kappa
    • Philips
    • Eidos
    • Brother
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    City underwent a takeover which would eventually lead to them becoming one of the country’s richest clubs. Which tycoon bought the club?

    • Sheikh Mansour
    • Bill Gates
    • Jeff Bezozs
    • Carlos Slim Helu
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    How many points did City finish on in the 2017/18 season?

    • 98
    • 99
    • 100
    • 101
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    Which of these played the most league games for the club?

    • Mike Summerbee
    • David Silva
    • Francis Lee
    • Alan Oakes
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    What nationality was club legend Richard Dunne?

    • Welsh
    • Irish
    • English
    • Scottish
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    Mario Balotelli’s ‘Why Always Me?’ t-shirt was originally meant to say ‘Why always you?’

    • True
    • False