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    What is the nickname of Burton Albion FC?

    • The Pints
    • The Brewers
    • The Beers
    • The Brewdogs
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    What was the name of Burton Albion’s first stadium?

    • Lloyds Foundry
    • Eton Park
    • Wellington Street
    • Derby Road
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    What year were Burton Albion formed?

    • 1931
    • 1942
    • 1950
    • 1961
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    Which Premier League team did Burton Albion take to a Third Round Replay in the 2005–06 FA Cup?

    • Liverpool
    • Chelsea
    • Manchester United
    • Arsenal
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    Who replaced Nigel Clough as manager midway through Burton Albion’s 2008–09 Conference League winning season?

    • John Barton
    • Paul Peschisolido
    • Gary Rowett
    • Roy McFarland
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    Who was the top goalscorer in Burton Albion’s 2014–15 League Two winning season?

    • Lucas Akins
    • Stuart Beavon
    • Mickaël Antoine-Curier
    • Jacob Blyth
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    Who scored against Middlesbrough to take Burton Albion to the 2018-19 EFL Cup Semi Final?

    • Stephen Quinn
    • Jake Hesketh
    • Lucas Akins
    • Scott Fraser
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    Jackson Irvine joined which team for a record breaking £2.15 million?

    • Hull City
    • QPR
    • Wigan Athletic
    • Derby County
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    Which of these signings cost Burton Albion the most?

    • John McGrath
    • Jamie Allen
    • Jackson Irvine
    • Liam Boyce
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    Burton Albion legend Nobby Hadfield made how many appearances for the club?

    • 210
    • 240
    • 270
    • 310