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How well do you know Bristol City?

Test your knowledge across fifteen Bristol City FC quiz questions.

The BCFC trivia questions will test your memory of everything Bristol City, ranging from historic moments to key transfers to legendary personnel.

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    What year did Bristol City FC form?

    • 1873
    • 1882
    • 1894
    • 1902
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    What is the name of Bristol City FC’s stadium?

    • Cemetery Gate
    • Kings Gate
    • Dave’s Gate
    • Ashton Gate
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    Who was Bristol City FC’s first-ever manager?

    • Sam Hollis
    • Robert Campbell
    • Lee Johnson
    • Harry Thickett
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    What was the colour of Bristol City FC’s first-ever home kit?

    • Blue and White
    • Red and Blue
    • Red and White
    • Green and Yellow
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    Which manager signed club legend Lee Johnson?

    • Brian Tinnion
    • Steve Coppell
    • Gary Johnson
    • Keith Millen
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    Who is Bristol City FC’s all-time top goalscorer?

    • Geoff Merrick
    • Louis Carey
    • Brian Tinnion
    • John Atyeo
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    Which player did Bristol City FC pay the highest transfer fee for?

    • Alan Walsh
    • Tomas Kalas
    • Louis Carey
    • Adam Webster
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    Who did Bristol City sell Adam Webster to for £20 million?

    • Chelsea
    • Brighton
    • Southampton
    • New York Yankees
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    Who was Bristol City FC’s kit sponsor in the 2018/19 season?

    • Dunder
    • Dunder Mifflin
    • Crocodile Dundee
    • Dun Dun Derr
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    Who scored the winning goal for Bristol City FC in the 2015 Football League Trophy Final?

    • Aden Flint
    • Kieran Agard
    • Aaron Wilbraham
    • Mark Daniel Little
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    Which famous artist is rumoured to be a Robins fan?

    • Picasso
    • Yoko Ono
    • Banksy
    • Andy Warhol
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    How many points did Bristol City finish with in the 2014/15 league campaign?

    • 97
    • 98
    • 99
    • 100
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    Which player famously scored 36 goals in one season?

    • Don Clark
    • Don Corleone
    • Don Cheadle
    • Jeremy Beadle
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    Which player has the most appearances for Bristol City FC in all competitions?

    • John Atyeo
    • Billy Wedlock
    • Trevor Tainton
    • Louis Carey
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    True or false: Bristol CIty have never won the FA Cup?

    • True
    • False