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Our Story

Alright mate, picture this – back in 2006, FootyTrivia.com was born right there in the cozy corner of a pub. We had this wild idea: let’s create a place where footie fans like us could geek out over every little bit of football trivia we could get our hands on. Whether it was hunting down rare memorabilia or settling heated debates, we were all in.

Fast forward to 2009, and we’re kicking it up a notch. We threw in some flash games, including everyone’s favorite, the “flash penalty shootout”. And because we knew not everyone could score tickets to the big game, we set up a Pub Search database to help fans find a decent spot to catch the action.

Then life threw us a curveball, and we took a break, leaving the website to fend for itself.

But in 2019, we came back swinging. We remembered why we started this whole thing in the first place – for the love of the game and all its trivia glory. Now, here we are, on a mission to take FootyTrivia.com to new heights.

We want quizzes for every team on the planet, but not just any old questions. We’re talking about trivia crafted by real fans like us, not some corporate suits. 

Our Authors

Meet the brains behind the scenes at FootyTrivia – our dedicated squad of quiz makers who eat, sleep, and breathe the beautiful game!

James Reeves

With a profound understanding of the game, James crafts engaging quizzes that resonate with both die-hard fans and casual enthusiasts.

Adam Bridges

Adam is an avid Arsenal fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of the club's rich history and iconic players. He brings an unparalleled knowledge of the Premier League, which resonates in the details of his football quizzes.

Tom McNeil

Lead Editor
Tom is a football aficionado renowned for his meticulous fact-checking and extensive research skills spanning football history, statistics, and more. His passion for the sport ignited at the age of six when he committed every result of the '98 World Cup to memory.

Benjamin Neto

Benjamin is your go-to guy for all things football, especially when it comes to dishing out the stats and stories behind your favourite players' achievements throughout history.

Marko Komsic

Marko's been hooked on football since he was knee-high, bonding with his bro over Premier League showdowns and cheering on his national team. With stints at Sofascore and countless hours on Football Manager, he's got the ins and outs mastered. Expect nothing but accurate and insightful questions from this seasoned footy buff in your quizzes.