How do we feel about Brexit? (based on pro-remain opinion)

Many Post-Millennials in Britain look back on the 2016 Brexit referendum and feel as if they have had they’re future decided by the older generation and many feel that it had been decided poorly seeing as voters aged 18-24 voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union (73%). Many of the young people that I know felt angry that people voted to leave when many leave voters voted on a basis of false claims.                         They were disappointed that ‘£350 million we give to the EU we will give to the NHS’ was framed as a fact when it is a heavily paraphrased fact seeing as we only send £190 million (with re bates) and we get economic benefits out of the EU worth more than £190 million a week. And even when you aren’t making those contributions there is no making sure that money is going into the NHS.                                                                        And that’s not a liberal opinion, that is the sort of thing Nigel Farage (one of leaders of the vote leave campaign) was saying the day after the vote. And one of the first things Post Millennials heard that day was that the most Googled questions in the UK the night before were ‘What is the EU?’ and ‘What does it mean to leave the EU?’ which were hopefully the searches of people who didn’t vote.

And as for respecting the result, the majority of young people either wanted Brexit and want it to be carried through or wanted to remain believe that to respect democracy you have to carry out Brexit. But there is still a large group of Post Millennials that believe that it shouldn’t be carried out because its wouldn’t be respecting democracy if the democratic process was ridden with falsehoods


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