How about Corbyn?(based on opinion)

Young people have often felt let down in recent years seeing as austerity means there have been big cuts in educational spending so they don’t feel as if the government really cares about their needs. When they saw the prime minister saying that she would be cutting the budget for school lunches and that she would be further helping Grammar schools, many students in state schools were just frustrated at the fact that they weren’t being helped. And the Labour party put forward they’re manifesto last year wherein they strove towards having high quality state schools with high standards ,which young people saw  that as a great thing. Also in that manifesto was policy set to undo a lot of the conservative policy which led to young people having difficulty in renting. Which was added to the extremely popular policy of abolishing University fees so that they could afford to go with out stacking up piles of debt. And there was a general swing toward the support of Jeremy Corbyn in youth culture which was very visible. Jeremy Corbyn was endorsed by many grime (UK rap) artists such as Stormzy, Akala and JME. And he even appeared on a YouTube video posted from the i-D channel where Corbyn met and talked with JME last year.

And last year at Glastonbury, Stormzy started chanting the famous ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant

In addition to this he appeared on the popular Copa 90 talk series ‘Fifa and Chill with Poet and Vuj’ where he talked about grassroots football and Arsenal FC during the election, but unfortunately he didn’t get to play ‘Fifa’

And this may very well been one of the reasons for Jeremy Corbyn having two thirds of the youth vote and the support of many under 18s. But there is still a sense of scepticism about Jeremy Corbyn seeing as they have seen leaders make promises in the past and then abandon them. And this scepticism has also been shown by grime artists such as Dave who released a political song about the Middle-East, Brexit and the NHS where he was critical of Conservatives and sceptical of Corbyn called ‘Question Time’ which he released last October.

”Honestly, I wanna put my trust in you (Corbyn)
But you can understand why if I’ve got trust issues
Do you really have the faith of your party?
Do you really have faith in the party that will come with you?”

Contains strong language

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